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Originating in Córdoba, Argentina, the Naranja Card was first issued in 1995. David Ruda and Gerardo Asrn, the company’s original founders, had just purchased Salto 96, a sporting goods store. The shop’s clients’ bank accounts were linked to the Naranja card.

Customers gave the card the moniker Naranja (‘orange’ in Spanish) because the store’s swag bags were orange.


It didn’t take long for the card to become widely accepted in all of Argentina, and that rapid adoption prompted a slew of collaborations. The company’s retail and online growth is facilitated by its partnerships with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Because of this, you can use it at many different online casinos that accept credit cards.

Gambling with a Naranja Card: a Guide


If you want a Naranja card for online gambling, you can get one by following the instructions given here. We’ve outlined the process for getting a card and using it at your preferred online casino.


Register for a Naranja Card

NaranjaX is a mobile app that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.

Get started by registering your information.

Make a virtual Naranja credit or debit card via the app, or ask for a physical one in the mail.

You must await the arrival of the physical card.

Top Off Your Gambling Account

Go to the website of the gambling establishment of your choice and create an account.

To make a payment with a credit or debit card, head to the cashier page.

To add funds to your casino account, please enter the amount below.

To complete your purchase, please enter your credit card information in the fields provided.

Withdrawal Procedures

To make a withdrawal, simply go back to the cashier and click the Withdraw button.

Choose your preferred payment option, either a credit or debit card.

You’ll need to enter your Naranja card information if it hasn’t already been saved.

Payout requests can be finished by entering a withdrawal amount.

Online Gambling with a Naranja Card


So, why is this card better than any other option for online gambling? Check out the advantages it offers below to learn more.


Connected to all major credit card networks

If Naranja card hadn’t partnered with other card companies, it might have been limited to use in Argentina. As a result, you would be restricted to playing at Argentinian-facing sites.


Partnerships with major credit card companies like Visa, American Express, and Mastercard have helped change this. Instead, you can use it to make deposits and withdrawals at a wide variety of offshore gambling sites. Many online casinos accept these cards as a deposit method, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble funding your account.


Simple and Straightforward Deals

The Naranja card can be used just like a regular debit or credit card. As a result, submitting your credit card information to your preferred online casino is as simple as typing a few digits.


Instantaneous processing of your financial information means you can immediately start collecting casino bonuses and getting in on the action of your favorite online games. You may expect a first-rate experience because both deposits and withdrawals go off without a hitch.


Gambling and Card Game Ads

Getting credit card rewards on top of casino comps is a whole different ballgame. The Naranja card guarantees you’ll get to do both, though. Making a deposit at a gambling site qualifies you for a welcome bonus, as well as other perks.


When you do this with your Naranja card, you’ll get incentives like cash back and discounts at participating stores. The NaranjaX app makes it simple to keep track of those card deals.


Instalment payments

With a Naranja credit card, you can spread out your payments across the month. The fee can be split up into multiple installments if desired. This gives you the flexibility to pay the bill in full, in two installments, in three installments, in six installments, or in nine installments.


As a result, you can settle the debt however you see fit, interest-free, permanently. That’s great news for those who like to gamble online but also have to pay bills and other expenses with their credit cards.


Mobile Payments Are a Real Option

You can make deposits and withdrawals through the app instead of using a physical credit or debit card. You can use the NaranjaX app to send money between bank accounts, or you can obtain a virtual card to use with the app.


In addition to providing consumers with a more secure payment option, this also allows you to monitor your spending habits. If you’re a member of a mobile casino, you can perform all of your actions with just one device.

Find a Gambling Site that Accepts Your Naranja Card


While joining only reputable online casinos should be a primary concern while looking for a new one, there are other factors to think about as well. Consider the following before settling on a site to play Naranja card games online.


Constrained Check Withdrawal and Deposit Policies

Limits are typically less stringent on purchases made with credit and debit cards. Although this doesn’t prove the existence of such restrictions, casinos may nevertheless impose their own.


The site’s terms and conditions or the cashier page, where you can pay with a credit or debit card, should tell you. Limits, if any, should be prominently disclosed so that players may make informed decisions.


Determine the Withdrawal Rate

It’s not just about how quickly you may make withdrawals from your Naranja account, but also about any restrictions that may be placed on you. In most circumstances, deposits will be processed promptly, while withdrawals from the preferred casino may take longer.


You should know that most of them have a waiting period in place before signing up. In addition, it usually takes anywhere from three to five business days for a casino to process a card payment to you.


If you want to know when your money will show up in your Naranja account, though, you should look into this.


Check Out the Current Deals

One of the finest things you can do before signing up for an account at a casino is to check out their promotions page. You can then make an informed decision about whether or not to open an account and fund it with a Naranja card.


It’s best to be aware of them before signing up for any online casino, whether it’s a cashback casino, match bonus site, free spins for slots platform, or anything else. If you notice an appealing promotion, make sure to read the fine print first.

Naranja Card Specifics


Read on for additional information about utilizing credit and debit cards in Argentina.


License to Use Naranja Cards

The issuing of credit cards is just one of the many things that Naranja Card S.A.U. does for profit. The Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina regulates financial institutions like Naranja Digital Financial Company S.A.U.


Obtaining a Naranja Card

Users must be at least 18 years old and legal residents of Argentina to obtain a Naranja card and download the companion app.


Prove Your Loyalty With A Naranja

If you have any questions about the NaranjaX app, getting a card, using the card, or anything else, you can always check out the website.


A comprehensive Help Center is accessible from that location. You can learn more about a wide range of subjects by exploring the resources provided here. A customer service representative is available for online chat outside of this location. You can also visit one of the many branch offices spread out across Argentina.


Contact Naranja Card About an Issue

If you still have questions after reading this, feel free to give our advisors a call. Customers can reach us at 0810-333-6272.


Send an email to for app-related questions, or for credit-card-related ones.



Naranja is one of the greatest solutions for Argentine residents looking for a local credit or debit card.


You can use it to make online deposits and withdrawals at certain casinos, and as a bonus, you’ll receive exclusive offers just for using it. It’s a safe and easy way to pay that also allows for fast deposits.


Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Naranja card, a payment option.


Who can get a Naranja card and utilize it?


Anyone over the age of 18 living in Argentina can get the NaranjaX app and use it to request cards.


How do I withdraw funds from my Naranja card?


The Naranja card can be used at ATMs in Argentina and elsewhere in the world.


Where can I go from here to get a Naranja card?


The NaranjaX app can be downloaded and installed on your mobile device. Create an account with just a few pieces of information and ask for either a plastic or digital card.

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