Quiet down and continue to purchase the tickets that ECB official statement in full

As you will have seen, and as James examined in our last post, the Britain and Ribs Cricket board gave an assertion on Sunday to additional framework their situation on the firing of Kevin Pietersen. They actually remain too apprehensive to even think about addressing writers in the tissue. In any case, the assertion was essentially a valuable chance to respond to a portion of the cricketing public’s numerous unanswered inquiries, and to address the profound degree of disquiet a significant number of us feel at their activities, and their lead towards us – the cricketing public. Rather than pursuing that open door, the ECB utilized it just to stick two fingers up right in front of us.

We should investigate it

It has involved incredible disappointment that up to this point the Britain and Ridges Cricket Board has been not able to answer the inappropriate and undesirable analysis of Britain players and the ECB itself. Aw, diddum’s! The unfortunate sheep! I trust that caused you to feel as regretful as it did me. When it’s all said and done, how might they perhaps express that in all genuineness, and with an emotionless expression? Might it be said that they are genuinely recommending that it is they, the ECB themselves – not us, people in general, or Pietersen himself – who are the harmed parties in this?

The ECB are not some weak minimal old woman, accidentally trapped in the crossfire. They are individuals responsible for this – an overseeing body, paid to settle on these choices, yet in receipt of countless pounds of our cash, through ticket deals and Sky Sports memberships. Just to remind you, the ECB turned over £111 million last year, and procures £65 million per year from the Sky bargain we pay for. They appear to be saying – “how might you venture to censure us, you bundle of scrotes. Don’t you know what our identity is? You have put us in an awful mood!”

On the off chance that the not set in stone to act in this remarkably overbearing and cryptic manner, purposely putting a distance among themselves and the general population, and declining to legitimize or account for themselves, they need to acknowledge each analysis which comes their direction. “The ECB perceives the critical commitment Kevin has made to Britain groups throughout the past 10 years”. How benevolent of them. “Critical commitment”? KP has scored a bigger number of runs for Britain than some other cricketer.

We should uphold [Alastair Cook] in making a culture

In which we can be certain he will have the full help, all things considered, with everybody pulling in a similar course and ready to trust one another. It is thus that we have chosen to continue on without Kevin Pietersen”. Which interprets as: Cook is an exceptionally frail chief who can’t adapt to any individual who contradicts him. In this manner we should sack any player who remotely undermines him, as any other way he can’t adapt. Past the way that this assertion sells out Cook himself, and leaves his frayed believability further shredded, and not harping on how the ECB neglect to give a solitary explicit illustration of Petersen’s supposed breaks of trust, what sort of message does this convey to other Britain players, particularly newbies? Set out to contradict the chief, and you’re out.

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