Lady Hawk review, Hawk slot game, a fun, easy-to-play game from the renowned game developer Joker Gaming that will introduce you to 3D online slots with sharp,

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Lady Hawk evaluation, slot machine game, hawk, free spins

Lady Hawk slot game should be an online slot game from the renowned gaming business Joker Gaming that many people will surely like. The game depicts the tale of a teenage burglar and his lover being pursued by a priest since it was inspired by fantasy films from the 1990s. Which will link to the medieval films’ beliefs, religion, and curses. Just entering and hitting the spin button on the Lady Hawk slot machine is like witnessing a classic comedy.

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How to play Lady Hawk slot machine game, easy to play, get money quickly.

Joker Gaming’s Lady Hawk slot is played similarly to other slots. The primary system of the game is a video slot with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines. The reels of the Lady Hawk slot machine will start to spin with random symbols. If 3-5 identical symbols occur on the left reel to the right reel, the gaming system will begin charging the appropriate rate. Instant payouts for each symbol. Which has the highest payout of 150 times in 1 eye in history?

The Lady Hawk slot machine game features a variety of symbols and is easy to play.

In Lady Hawk, there are 12 distinct symbols, each with its own specifics and payoff rates, including:

The scatter symbol is a green gem with a unique property that is utilized to activate the bonus game. If three scatter symbols appear, 15 free spins are awarded.

The emblem for Wild is a hawk. A unique feature can substitute for all payment award symbols. Exception made exclusively for the Scatter symbol.

youthful thief symbol There are payment rates ranging from 12 to 45 to 150.

There are payment rates of 12, 36, and 120 times the letter symbol.

There are payout rates of 9, 27, and 90 times for the glove icon.

a short sword sign The payment rates range from 9, 21 to 75 times.

pendent symbol There are payment rates of six, eighteen, and sixty times.

The payment rates for the letter A and K are 3, 9, and 30 times.

The payment rates for the letter Q are 3, 9, and 24 times.

The payment rates for the letter J and the number 10 are 3, 9, and 18 times.

Consequently: Try playing free slots on Lady Hawk Slots by registering for an account.

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